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Meet Grimaldo Ortiz, founder of Sauco Media

Grimaldo started on social media in 2007, when discovered Facebook and the social media world. He embraced digital marketing by working full time on it since 2016.


Currently, his main focus is to help as many businesses as he can by using his knowledge and ability to work with different apps and tools within the digital marketing world. More than using technology to increase his client’s sales, he likes to show small brands and businesses how they can make a difference to the world.




Customer Review

What do people say about Grimaldo?
Kellie-Ann Briand

Kellie-Ann Briand

"Grimaldo and Sauco Media held my hand and built my website from scratch. He was super patient, knowledgeable and took the time to understand the path my new business was on and what my end goals were.”

Ingrid Castro

"Great services, quick turn around time and amazing communication. Grimaldo went above and beyond and i would not only recommend the services but use them again! ”

Sandra Kaszuba

Sandra Kaszuba

"I received great reviews on how professional my website looked and how great the information was presented. Sauco Media did an amazing job and I really enjoyed working with Grimaldo.”

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